Search Engine Expert – Doing SEO the Ethical Way


Every single day, there are thousands of websites being created and for this reason, it is a must to harness the full power of SEO to ensure that your site will get noticed and stand out from the crowd. 

A lot of companies and businesses today hire the services of a search engine expert to carry out this task. However, it is imperative to ensure that your chosen agency for doing the job can truly carry out their SEO practices and methodologies in the most ethical way. 

An SEO firm is expected to use different strategies to help the website of their client rank high on various platforms including Google, Yahoo and Bing. This, in turn, should generate good user traffic and potential customers to the website, all of which come from non-paid and generic search engine results. 

The search engine expert will target particular keywords which are closely related to the core business of the client and will strive to ensure that the site gets a high rank as possible the moment users type these keywords into the search engine. 

Needless to say, SEO is an extremely challenging occupation and having a good understanding how specific sites work and how the keywords should be targeted play a crucial role. And, with the intense competition for ranking, SEO firms will always be on the lookout for the most state of the art and unique methods and information. 

The work and effort put into optimizing a website doesn’t yield results right away. But the moment an SEO campaign is properly implemented and carefully worked on, you can expect that your ranking will start to improve slowly but surely. 

A search engine expert will make the necessary changes to the site like meta descriptions and titles, schma markup, internal links and on page content. It is important for all these alterations to be done in the most ethical way since search algorithms are going to notice duplicate content and keyword stuffing in a site copy which will make the site penalized and suffer a substantial drop in your rankings. 

When you speak of keyword stuffing, this refers to the practice of putting targeted words or phrases in web page content in the hope that search engines will consider the page more relevant for these words or phrases than other websites and move this higher up in search result rankings. 

If this is done, this will usually detract from the user experience since the copy is often repetitive, with the content ending up contrived with the unnatural use of phrases and words. Search sites are getting much better at spotting this kind of manipulation and they move the sites responsible lower in their results lists. 

In duplicate content, this involves publishing similar copy in different places online. It has been one of the biggest problems for search engines as results pages can get clogged up with pages which have the same content which will then spoil user experience. 

Make sure you choose a search engine expert like Green Genie SEO that makes use of ethical methods to guarantee good results. 


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